aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Through darkest Wilmore

I mentor a nearby student pastor for the District Committee on Ministry. Said student pastor is also in seminary at good ol' Razzbury, whither we repaired this morning, all along of him asking me to be the field mentor of record for what we used to call "stupidvised ministries." That's one of the courses where he does what he normally does, but gets credit for it; I come in for weekly confabulations and frequent signatures on seminary paperwork.

Anyway, we went down to The Holy City this morning. (Or does one always go UP to The Holy City? Singing songs of ascent? Hmmm . . .) He bought his books for the semester, and I attended a four and a half hour seminar for ministry mentors. The company was reasonably congenial, the cafeteria food no more repulsive than I remembered it to be, and he drove so I didn't have to concentrate or pay for my own gas.

Along the way, we talked mucho ministry. It was a good trip.

Once home, I walked Sassy, fed Cuthbert, and went off to the hospital to call on a very sick lady. When I got home, collinsmom was cooking herself some supper prior to going to the dentist. I scrounged some salad, and wound up watching Law and Order on the tube. I'm shot.


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