aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Confirmation Retreat

Well, we survived the weekend. collinsmom's arthritis bugged her so much she didn't stay for church this morning. that_guy_zach and I finished up the retreat, taught Sunday School classes, led worship, helped take the youth fellowship bowling, ran kids home, etc. It's been a loooong weekend.

But it's been a good one, too. Frustrations getting the kids together and getting the retreat really going abounded, but eventually, we got them all there and got everything done. They ate it up. It was a great retreat. The kids (all sixth-graders) were very responsive, very prayerful (when they had to be), taking part fully in classwork, sharing chores, etc.

This is the most important work I do. Of course, at any given time, the work I have in hand may be the most important thing I've got to do, but day in and day out, my heart belongs to ministries of confirmation and scouting, which both have to do with bringing kids and Jesus together.

Clink on the link for pics of the retreat.

Snackage Snackage

Chrissy munches while Zach hangs around.
A good man is hard to find A good man is hard to find

Casey pitches in with dish washing.
Gimme a Ham Gimme a Ham

Jessica mugs for the camera while washing dishes.
Truth in labeling Truth in labeling

T-shirt reads, "Chaos, Panic, Disorder! My work is done here."
Do not feed the bears Do not feed the bears

Justin and friend.
All Aboard! All Aboard!

A well-balanced group; at least, they try.
Big Church Mouse Big Church Mouse

Deanne puttering around the church kitchen.
Come into my parlor Come into my parlor

The class tries to master the Spiderweb.
He ain't heavy, he's my brother He ain't heavy, he's my brother

Everybody helps to get everybody through the Web.
Synclaire and friends Synclaire and friends

The youth decided the pews in the sanctuary were softer to sleep on than the basement floor.


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