aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

2020 Vision

Looking ahead to the New Year that starts shortly, I see a year in which the feces hit the oscillator.

First, we have the impeachment circus coming to town just as the presidential election kicks off in earnest. It's going to be polarizing and outrageous. The odds are that President Trump will keep his office after the Senate trial, and he has a good chance of keeping it after the election, since the Democrats seem to see his outrageousness as an opportunity for them to get a mandate for their outrageousness.

Next, The United Methodist Church is facing the day of reckoning. We spent three years preparing for a called General Conference to decide the biggest disciplinary question in the church. And we did so, decisively, last February. But the American pooh-bahs refused to obey the decision. The regular General Conference is due in May 2020, and the possibility of formal division is before the Church. Whatever GC20 does, however, the odds are that The UMC will begin to disintegrate by the end of summer. The only question is whether it sorts itself into compatible groups in an orderly fashion, or simply begins to come apart at the seams.

Other upheavals are on the horizon for other countries and institutions: Brexit will happen, though it may get ugly before it's done. The Boy Scouts have rolled the dice on a new Chief Scout Executive. Korea and China and Russia and Iran are all out there, doing their thing.

I worry about all these things. I care how things come out. But my world is shrinking. At age 66, I have more behind me than ahead of me. I can't afford to expend too much effort on the craziness of others. I will continue to build my house and support my wife's goals and be there for my grandcubs, as well as pursue the ministry God called me to. I am learning to focus on the foreground and not get overwrought by the alarums and excursions in the news.

Happy New Year, I hope.

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