aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Positively beaming

My mind said I had rested enough from my adventure in West Virginia and it was time to get back to putting up beams on the house project. My body had its own opinion on that, but it cooperated.


View from the back corner of the site

It was a lovely fall day in the peaceable kingdom. I enjoyed my time at Wilderstead. I could use some help on some of this stuff, though. Maybe if I pray like St. Gall, I might get a bear to help carry the beams. Gall had a bear pestering him, so he preached to it and converted it, after which it carried the logs for his cabin he was building.

Statue of St. Gall

Statue of St. Gall
Note the little golden bear; somehow, I imagined it bigger

St. Gall is one of my Patrons of Wilderstead.

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