aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

"It's a Major Award!"


No, not that award!

I took my application for the International Scouter Award into the Council office today and had the Exec sign off on it. It's a difficult award to earn, especially for someone who's never done a World Jamboree; however, I had plenty of other international Scouting experiences to fill up my checklist. My attendance at the i-RepCon last week was the last item I needed to get 'er done.

I think I may be the first Scouter in my Council to have ever earned this award. I hope I won't be the last. We had a number of Scouters who served on the WSJ staff this last summer, and it opened their eyes to the possibilities of international Scouting. I may finally have some help promoting this program area.


That's more like it!

Last year, I filed for the International Spirit Award, which is much easier to earn. There are requirements for Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, and adult Scouters, who are all eligible to earn this. Previously, three of my Venturers from our happy Crew That Was earned the International Spirit Award (T.C., T.J., and Jeffrey). I also hope we four aren't the last of that breed in Hoosier Trails.


We got the spirit!

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