aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Fun at the I-Rep Conference

We had a short session this morning. Our patrol was in charge of morale, so I led the group in "The Court of King Caractacus." We had lots of good discussion on a number of difficult topics. And then we were given the rest of the day off. It had been raining and threatened to continue, but we suited up in our rain gear and went off to seek the local fun.

Some did the Big Zip -- a 3/4 mile wire down the mountain and over a lake, where the rider's speed surpasses 60 mph. Given the air temp today, we were told that the air chill we would experience at that speed would qualify us for the Polar Zip patch (zipping at 32 degrees or below). Others went to the shotgun range. They then switched activities, except for eleven of us who took a field trip into town, of which more below.


View from the top of the ridge where the Big Zip starts


The brave Scouts mount the blocks


And away!


Coming in for a landing

After finishing the Big Zip, a group of us gathered to go to Maxwelton, a town about an hour away, near Lewisburg. There was a distillery there that did tastings. I'm not much for bourbon, but I went along and sampled various bourbons and even a rum. After that, we went out to eat in Lewisburg. I had an elk burger, which was very good.


After hours

Coming back to the Pigott Center, there were s'mores and board games to mess about with.

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