aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Tying oneself in knots

This is a swag-heavy conference I'm attending at the Summit. The International Division gives out lots of promotional items. Today, we all got purple neckerchiefs. (The color of International Scouting is purple. I suggested we adopt Peanut -- Jeff Dunham's sassy dummy -- as our mascot, since as he says, "Once you do purple, you'll never go back.")

And then, they taught us all how to tie the friendship knot in our neckerchief ends. You see this among Scouts all over the world. Slides and woggles can slip off and get lost, but a necker that's tied stays in place and looks snazzy.


Looking snazzy

I wish I didn't look so grumpy in this picture, but sitting all day in a classroom is a wearying exercise. I'd look brighter if we got out more. That said, we're going to quit early tomorrow to ride the Big Zip, a wire stretched over a lake. Then, we're shooting shotguns. And then some of us are touring a distillery in the area.

Rougher! Tougher! Buffer!

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