aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Rougher! Tougher! Buffer!

I thought I'd get a few letter-sized file boxes and condense some of the stuff I've got stacked up in banker's boxes against my study wall. I ran into a clearance sale at Office Depot: packs of the letter boxes I wanted in four-packs -- except these had been packed with only three each by mistake. There were 20 three-packs for 74 cents a pack. I bought all 20.

I came home, then, and took down a very heavy box marked "High Adventure Pix." And I proceeded to organize all this stuff into separate book-sixed boxes. There are doubles of many of the pix, so some day I need to have a Venturers' Reunion and give away about a quarter to third of this stash.

Anyway, managed to sort through and put away in a better fashion pictures from the following adventures.

Zach at Natl Jamboree 1993, Anna to PTC 1994; Aurora YF to Smokies 1995; E697 to Philmont 1997.

Philmont 1998; Isle Royale 1999.

Philmont 2000.

Trip of the Millennium (Tanzania) 2001; VC 698 to Chicago/Dunes 2001.

Second Volume, Trip of the Millenium.

VC 698 Isle Royale & Niagara Falls 2002; Old Ben Cope Course c. 2002-3.

VC 698 Cumberland Gap Shakedown 2003; Yellowstone N.P. 2003; Shakedown/Wilderstead 2004.

VC 698 to Adirondaks & NYC 2004; 3 Peaks Adventure (UK) 2005; Back to Africa (Tanzania) 2006.

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