aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Pet theological idea

I have in my library A Porcine History of Philosophy and Religion, which has pigs illustrating various intellectual/spiritual movements through the centuries. On facing pages, there are two identical pictures of a pig in a toga slurping wine and cuddling up to a cute pigette (or pige, if you're Danish).

Anyway, the left hand cartoon is titled, "Augustinian pig sinning because of his fallen nature. The identical right hand cartoon is titled, "Pelagian pig sinning just because he wants to." The gag being that sin is sin, and we are all prone to excuse-making.

But now, observing Sassafras and Cuthbert, I notice the following: dogs sometimes feel guilty about their misbehavior; cats usually are just sorry they got caught. When I catch Sassy doing something she shouldn't, she gives me the sad eyes, lowered head look that says, "I'm really, really sorry; I know I shouldn't have, but I couldn't help it." When I catch Cuthbert doing something he shouldn't, he just looks at me like, "Yeah, well, I thought maybe you'd be too tired to come after me and all -- hey, it was worth a try."

So, my conclusion: Dogs are Augustinian, and cats are Pelagian.

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