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Well, this has certainly been interesting. A couple weeks ago, I was writing letters of reference for scholarship applications by no fewer than three parishioners. I've just been asked by a fourth.

And this afternoon, I get a call from a government agent to have a tete-a-tete RE one of my former parishioners and still registered Venturers, who's off in the Marines and needing a top secret security clearance.

I'm glad that I can say good things about all these young people. And I'm happy to do so. One of the more meaningful chores we clergy have is to serve as a character reference, and one of the most important (if infrequently used) professional skills we need is the ability to write a good letter of reference.

(Oh, and tomorrow, I meet with a seminarian/student local pastor I'm the official mentor of, and we'll fill out his annual report to the District Committee on Ministry -- already did that_guy_zach's last month.)

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