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Sharing my latest post

I scooted over to Lonceburg early to the rental place and checked out a "one-man" auger on a 3-hour rental. Looking to make quick work of that post hole I needed to make. Took me damn near three hours to pick up the auger, wrestle it into position, drill, recover, take back to the rental place, and then finish by hand. These one-man augers are "one-man" only if that one guy is, like, Paul Bunyan or the Mighty Hulk. And if you're on any sort of a hill or even a little incline, forget it. When I returned the machine, the guy who checked it back in asked how it went. I replied that it was like giving a rhinoceros an enema.

In order to raise the post, I used the tractor hood for a fulcrum, then slid it over into the hole. Then I climbed up the tire, then onto the hood bodily, in order to keep raising the post until it was all the way in the bottom of the hole. Then I braced it, used my post-leveler to check for plumb, and mixed up two bags of high-stress concrete. Ain't it purty?


My latest post
Also I hope my last

Anyway, this 16-foot post will carry the 200 amp wire from REMC's pole-to-be to the next two poles and on to my cabin. Eventually, the line will cross the second gully and carry power to the house I'm working on.

Having spent the better part of three hours working on the first item on the day's menu, I was already exhausted and the day was heating up. I did manage to make the light frame of 2x4s on top of the undercroft wall to check square and level. Square is pretty much dead on (go, me!); level ain't bad, but there's a low corner. Once I get the sill plate on, the beams carrying the platform will have to be shimmed a bit here and there. Next time I'm working in the holler, the frame will be used to check square and level from the undercroft wall to the piers.

Halfway through the day's fun, I noticed that I had a big tear in my right boot. I don't think it's repairable. So I'll be looking for a new pair of boots next.


Blew a hole in this old tire
Time for a new pair of boots

The sun got blazing hot. I drank nearly a gallon of water and had to sit in the shade frequently. I think it's time to adjust my timing so that I arrive in the holler at the crack of dawn, and quit by the time the sun is directly overhead. I finally finished up about 3:00 today and put all my tools away. Then I took my first creek bath of the year, which was delightful. Got home a little after 6:00, utterly bushed.

I didn't get everything done I was aiming for today, but I got a full day's work in. Excelsior!

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