aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Farther along than I remembered

In looking over my notes on that Christian Education book, I find that I had planned fifteen chapters, of which four are substantially finished (drafted, anyway), and one is fully outlined. Here is the projected Table of Contents
Working Title: Teaching the Faith

Section One: Theory

I. Models of Discipleship
II. The Three Columns of Christian Education
III. Every Church's Primary Task

Section Two: Programs
IV. Worship and Preaching: the one thing every church can do
V. Sunday School: How not to be one of the three most wasted hours in existence
VI. Youth Ministry: Who knew fun could be such hard work?
VII. Scouting Ministry: God is an eight-color patch
VIII. Confirmation: catechism or cataclysm?
IX. Small Groups: ecclesiolae in ecclesia
X. Camps, Retreats, and Trips: Taking your show on the road
XI. Bible Study: When all else fails, read the instructions
XII. Children's Ministries: raising each other's children

Section Three: Leaders
XIII. Catchers of Souls
XIV. Watching the Watchmen
XV. Following a Call

Now that I'm retired, I think I need the spur of some deadlines to help me get this done. I would really like to have a group of friends/colleagues (clergy and lay) whom I could send chapters to, and who could then give me face-to-face feedback. These people could also tell me what things they'd like to see addressed in a book on Christian Education. (Some of those chapters might change focus, or I might need to add some. This is all provisional.) Anyway, if you'd like to be part of a reading group to help me sharpen up my stuff -- say, monthly, somewhere in central Indiana -- let me know.

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