aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

More spring chores in the holler

Got a little dehydrated today. Suffering from some cramps. Deanne says I also got some sunburn. Maybe I overdid it a wee bit.

But I got my gate up on the Hallows Trail (on the far side of the Pishon). Hitherto, there have been four iron fence posts there, cutting off the trail to ATVs. But if I ever need to get my tractor back there -- or a walk-behind bush hog, as today, then I need a gate. So I put one up first thing this morning.


Gateway to adventure

After getting the gate up, I drove into town and picked up the bush hog. These things will wear you out, big time. It certainly did me, today, though I was a better operator than last time. However, I haven't been on the far side of the Pishon since at least this time last year, I think. And I no sooner turned the path corner beyond the gate, than I found a big ol', multi-trunked tree fallen across the path. This necessitated a pause, wherein I fetched my chainsaw and cleared the way. Then I did some more brush cutting. I didn't do everything I might have done, but I got the trail cleared back to one of the patrol camp sites I want to maintain.


The road goes ever on and on

As I finished up and began schlepping everything back across the creek, I took this picture of my cabin. I don't often get a picture of it from this side of the water.


Little cabin in the woods

I cleaned up the cabin and took the bush hog back to the rental place, then boogied for home. Got veggies roasting in the oven. It's been a good day.

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