aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A bittersweet ramble

Having got caught up on my to-do list, and it being a nice day -- and furthermore, having had nine full hours of sleep last night -- I resolved to do a five-mile hike today. I schlepped myself over and around Wapehani and back.

I grew up going to Scout camp at Wapehani. We closed the old camp in 1971, and it stood derelict for a few years. The City took it over and made a mountain bike park out of it. They have slowly reshaped the landscape, but the lake was still there. Last time I walked it, a little over a year ago, Daniel and I made a circuit of Lake Weimer. We saw ducks and geese and a bald eagle. But the people who decide such things have breached the dam and re-landscaped the lake bottom into a meadow with lots of little seedling trees.

It was desolate. I took my camera along, but saw nothing I wanted a picture of. Alas, to Cuiviénen there is no returning.

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