aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Och aye

I quoted Jesus' words to a friend, "I have meat to eat ye wot not of." He replied that he would appreciate it if I would either give my quotations in English or German, but leave Scottish out of it.

I replied that the quotation wasn't Scots, it was KJV. If you want the Scots translation, here it is, from William Wye Smith's translation into Braid Scots c. 1904.
But atween times his disciples war askaskin him, “Maister, wull ye no eat?” But quo’ he to them, “I hae meat to eat ye kenna!” And sae they speir’t ane o’ anither, “Think ye ony ane brocht him ocht to eat?” Quo’ Jesus, “It’s meat tae me to do his wull that sent me, and finish his wark!”

The Early Modern English of the KJV is a dignified and slightly old-fashioned form of Tudor English. King James himself may have spoken Broad Scots, but his translators were all from England, and mostly educated at Oxford and Cambridge.

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