aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Beware the Mongolian Fire Oil

I made stir fry for dinner. Being under no direction to stoke the fires of hell (it was just for us), I backed off on the chili garlic sauce. My design was just to have a bit of a sting, but not a lake of fire. That said, when I went shopping today at Sahara Mart, they didn't have any of the chili oil I'm used to using, just something called "Mongolian Fire Oil." So I used that.

It was an honest mistake. Or maybe an Archimedean discovery. Deanne said, "You discovered a way to make it even hotter." Eureka, I replied with a shrug.

Then she started to gripe that there was no fat in the dish. (She's back on the high-fat, low-carb diet.) I said I could have fried up a mess of bacon and crumbled it over the wok as a garnish. How would that be?

Then she said, it really needed rice to sop up the sauce. I suggested a new country-oriental fusion dish: biscuits and stir fry! When she started speculating about sprinkling cheese over the top, I thought, that's a step too far. But somebody would take it. It's the way new dishes are born, sometimes.

Anyway, I could see me doing this on a campout: Biscuits and Stir Fry with crispy Bacon on top.

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