aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Winter Rendezvous 2019

It was the 25th annual Wapehani District Winter Rendezvous. And it was the first time we've ever postponed the event. A week ago Thursday, we moved the event to this last weekend in anticipation of a nasty ice storm moving in on that Saturday night, just when a lot of people would be heading home on the National Forest roads. As it turns out, it was probably a wise decision; however, it overturned the kitchen team's skittles for sure. I lost nearly half of my team, including some of the best.

So last Friday, I was out at camp by 1:00 p.m. and started cooking immediately. Anna and the grandcubs arrived about 2:00, and she jumped in. Judy, our health officer, came over about 3:30 and pitched in. About 6:00, John and J.B. showed up. And there were others who spontaneously helped that evening. The most of our team made it out Saturday, and more people with no real connection to the kitchen team continued pitching in. In the end, we got it all done, but it was, in the Duke of Wellington's phrase, "a near-run thing."

By Sunday morning, our crew had dwindled down to just a few die-hards. We divvied up the leftovers, cleaned the kitchen and dining hall, and packed everything up. We were finished by 11:00 a.m.

Some joys, for me personally. One, I had my entire family present (except for son-in-law Brian). Anna, Daniel, and James came out Friday afternoon. This was the grandcubs' fourth Rendezvous, and at ages 8 and 6 they were actually able to help in a meaningful way this year. Deanne came out Saturday with Zach, who hasn't done anything with Scouts in many years. Second, we got a lot of compliments on the food, especially the lasagne and goat kebabs. The heat freaks loved the stir fry. Third, I get a charge out of cooking for and with people. "Food is love," you know. I also enjoy the camaraderie among all the Scouts and Scouters at this event. Especially since I don't currently have a unit to relate to, this event gives me a great sense of belonging.

As the Scouts came in for the first seating, I was babbling at some of them in German. Viel Fraß, viel Spaß, I said. "Lotsa chow, lotsa fun." Cooking till you're punch drunk and exhausted may not be most people's idea of a great time, but for some of us, it's like engineering a two-minute touchdown drive to win the big game. And the people you do it with and for add to the exhilaration of the win.

Herewith, some pix from the weekend. Once again, I have no outdoor shots, since I barely left the dining hall for forty-six hours except to go to bed.


A saucy girl
Anna applies marinade




Fairy Bakers
They do exist!


Too crowded in the kitchen
Tiff and Renee do prep work


Granny's little helper
James helps Deanne chop peppers


Playing with fire
Zach roasting peppers


Coffee break
Zeke cutting onions


Meat on a stick
Daniel helps make kebabs


Grillin' and chillin'
Getting John's goat


Hungry hordes
Shoveling food at them as fast as we can

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