aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Just my opinion

For my entire career, I have seen the progressives in The UMC try to keep us from making definitive statements, keep us from voting, keep us from deciding things. They wanted to keep the discussion going, keep everyone together, until they could exhaust everyone else and win the argument and have their way on whatever it was. Marathon discussion without resolution is a technique they employ. Always in the minority, they have prevented the majority from working its will.

When the General Conference in Tampa was turning away their proposals and trying to vote for greater accountability, they loosed demonstrations upon the Conference floor and prevented any business being done. The bishops said we shouldn't proceed, lest we hurt someone's feelings. The entire, multi-million-dollar beanfeed was a complete bust. Nothing was accomplished.

When the last General Conference in Portland decisively turned away their ideas and was on the verge of voting for greater accountability, they threw a Hail Mary pass and saddled us with the Commission on a Way Forward. The bishops then called a special General Conference to act upon what they assumed would be their carefully groomed proposals. Now that it looks like the One Church Plan is probably doomed, and the majority may well move on to enact some sort of Traditional Plan with greater accountability, the fireworks and disruptions and smears are all being employed again.

Well, guess what. THEY called this meeting. THEY wanted a resolution. I say, let's give them one. We didn't agitate for the shootout, but if a shootout's what they want, then I say, let's get on with it.

Let judgment begin with the household of God. Vote and be damned.

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