aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Red up the house!

It's the Saturday before Christmas, and we are busy putting things in order for the big doin's. Our whole family will be here on Christmas Day. Between now and then, there are church activities to prepare for.

I made two plum puddings. The one in the castle mold (not pictured) will be for our family gathering. This tea ring is ready for fellowship after church tomorrow. This is authentic plum pudding -- takes three hours to boil, after which you can press it into molds. The only thing I balk at is using suet; I use butter, instead. In fact, this little ring has almost three sticks of butter in it. Paula Deen would be proud.

Plum pudding for church

Plum Pudding

The gifts are all wrapped and put under the "tree." There's no room to put up our actual Christmas tree, of course. *Sigh* Some day. We give our grown kids money to help make their Christmasses merrier, but then we always get them -- correction, I always get them -- something small, on the stocking-stuffer scale. The grandcubs, of course, make out like bandits.

Gifts all wrapped

Gifts all wrapped

The wreath is hung in the entryway. We even found a battery-operated candle for it. So, we're about as Christmassy as we get around here. The standing rib roast is in the fridge, awaiting my attention on the Day.

Deck the halls

Deck the halls

Plans are now for Daniel to stay over after Christmas for a few days. Mama Bear is feeling the walls closing in on her (it's that time of the year), and Daniel needs a break from parental expectations, too. Granny has to go back to work after Christmas, so it looks like Grandbear and Number One Cub will be batching it most of the time until I take him back next Saturday. Another reason to get everything cleaned up and set in order now. Batten down the hatches before the big blow.

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