aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A word from the back bench

There's a hit piece going around from some guy in West Ohio, exposing all the nefarious doings of the Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA) and urging United Methodists to agitate for the removal of their WCA-affiliated pastors. (Which sounds near enough to "interfering in the ministry of another elder" to qualify for a chargeable offense, but let that go for now.)

Anyway, for what it's worth: I am the WCA.

Yep, I'm a member. I joined at their initial meeting in Chicago a couple years ago. I'm not a very active member, it's true. And I'm not for certain I'll join with them in a new denomination, if it comes to that; I'll have to see what the options are if and when that becomes necessary. But I believe "the faith once delivered to the saints" (Jude 3), and I make no apology for standing with those who "refuse to tamper with the word of God" (2 Cor. 4:2). I believe the One Church Plan is a disaster in the making; at bottom, it's the same old stuff the last several General Conferences have rejected.

I have many friends who believe differently. I hope to retain them as my friends, even if we ultimately choose differently over the issues before GC '19. My deepest hope is that we continue to affirm our denomination's current stances and continue in ministry together. If that is not possible, I will still love them if they leave -- even as I hope they continue to love me if I do.

Anyway, the point of this post is that the WCA is not some shadowy cabal seeking to destroy The UMC. It's people like me: clergy (active and retired) and laity, trying to be faithful to Jesus Christ and trying to unfeignedly fulfill our membership and ordination vows. There aren't many fire-eaters among us. We're the same folks who have stood with you in your times of grief and distress and your times of joy. We have taught you the faith, baptized you, married you, buried your loved ones. We have led retreats and camps and taught Bible studies and sat through endless committee meetings. We have done and are still doing all that we can to help you, and the local church, and our denomination. Just like you are doing.

I wouldn't want to belong to some secret, underhanded group trying to resist proper authority in the church. Far from it! I want the proper authorities to do what only they can -- and am most distressed when they refuse to. As too many of them are doing, these days.

Next time someone tries to tell you what "they" are up to, over in that subversive WCA, I want you to put my name in the place of "they." Tell yourself, "this is what ART is up to." If what you're being told about "them" doesn't fit what you know of "me," then maybe you need better information than you're getting.

Because you know me.

And I'm the WCA.

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