aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

The day so far

Well, the day has been warm and dry -- almost like a day in Spring. I got up too early: couldn't sleep, been having vivid dreams for some days now. Got cleaned up and went to get my teeth cleaned (O, be joyful). Then I went out to Wilderstead. It was beautiful and quiet. The stream was flowing. I got a Ridge Rest out and laid it upon the ground and almost went to sleep, lying there in the woods.

On my way back, I noticed my neighbor has put up his home For Sale By Owner. This might be my chance to get a piece of the property between us, although I might have to swallow hard and take all of it to get what I want. Ultimately, I want sole ownership of the road between my 22 acres (Lot #3) and his attached 19 acres (Lot #2). His actual house sits on 10 acres (Lot #1). To attempt to do this, however, would require me and collinsmom to come to some solid view of what the future holds, especially as regards my retirement. If I were to work another ten years, we could probably take all of Lot #2 and take our time developing our homesite. But that delays our taking up residence out yonder. Much to think about.

I'm feeling better today, though still melancholy about some things. No matter how forward-thinking I try to be, certain things that have been very important to me are slipping away, and that makes me sad. I would feel less sad if there were lots of exciting new things taking their place. But as it is, I feel like I'm sitting through a long, dry wake of the worst kind. I don't know whether I'm waiting for Jesus to raise the dead or for Dr. Van Helsing to put a stake through its heart.

Prayer, lots of prayer: that's what I need.


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