aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

In which our Mad Scientist continues his unholy experiments

I made my Second Attempt on Pillage the Village Stir Fry tonight.

I added some serrano peppers to the whole, as well as an extra green bell pepper. I doubled the soy sauce for moisture and the chili-garlic sauce for heat. I cut the meat and broccoli finer; Chinese cuisine aims at all pieces of about the same size in a dish. There was a lot of liquid when I was approaching the finish, so I sprinkled in some cornstarch and worked it in, which absorbed most of it. And the taste test?

Sweet Baby Jebus.

It was very tasty, but it was also about as hot as I could stand it. And when I had seconds, I discovered that while sitting there in the wok it had increased in strength. What would this do to the second seating at the Rendezvous? I think we'll need some sour cream or yogurt on hand to cut this for some folks; and, of course, we'll need some hot sauce on hand for the truly insane.

Anyway, I don't think the serranos added anything much in either flavor or heat. So, I'm not going to fool with them. I'll keep the jalapenos, though.

I may make this one more time before multiplying the recipe out to humongous. I probably need to invite some friends over when I do to give it another set of taste buds to critique it.

Lemme just broo-lay that dessert for ya

Okay, that's about got it

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