aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Rejoice, we conquer!

So said Pheidippides, and promptly dropped dead. After this 15-hour day, I'm not in quite that bad a shape, but I'm tired, and I hurt.

We left home at 4:25 a.m. and made it to Wilderstead about 7:00. I built a fire in the wood-burning stove to warm the cabin and we ate a quickie breakfast. By 8:00, the sun was abroad, and so was I. All told, I put in about seven and half hours on the undercroft wall. Then we cleaned up and headed for home.

The good news is, I finished the wall. At least, I got the last block in it laid. There'll be more fiddling with it later, especially when I have to tie the wooden beams to it next year. And there's still a lot of other concrete and masonry work yet to do this year to make the upper piers. But still: it's an achievement. Done on time and done right (though eventually, I think a light coating of surface-bonding cement to hide the irregularities might be in order).

Deanne enjoyed the outing. Her left arm grows stronger and her left hand more nimble every day. She eventually got bored in the cabin, so she came out to kibitz on the building site.


Coming down the home stretch
This was on the last stretch of wall


Sidewalk superintendent
Deanne keeping me company

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