aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

My $0.02 worth

50,000 girls have joined Cub Scouting this year. As we get closer to the launch of girls in [Boy] Scouting next February, there are some people who are being proactive. A friend's church in Paris, TN, is forming a committee for their new all-girl Troop. That committee's task is to recruit the founding Scoutmaster and Assistants who will give the girls who sign up the best Scouting experience available. And, he's asking the church to put some money in the budget to make this ministry happen.

I don't know that I've got the energy these days to be so involved -- nor am I sure that I should be the one to help lead an all-girl Troop, though I've plenty of experience in co-ed High Adventure camping with Venturers. But I'd like to see this succeed, if we're going to do it. I'd like to see it done right. And I'd like to see the church take the lead on it.

Scouting is a form of youth ministry. Whether we're talking BSA, GSUSA, 4-H, Camp Fire, AHG, Trail Life, or the BPSA, scouting-type programs offer a chance to work with youth at a formative time in their lives, and to attract families to the church which reaches out to them. If you're interested in discipling youth and their families, you ought to be interested in church-chartered Scouting.

To make girls in BSA work, we're going to need to recruit and train a bunch of new leaders. Those new leaders will need the support of all us old leaders. Scouting is more than wearing the uniform. It's a way of life, an all-weather/year-round adventure, a testing of limits. It's not just a program, it's a culture. We need to acculturate leaders, not just train them. And the church needs to penetrate that culture and enliven it with the presence of God.

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