aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

An autumn day in the woods

We went over to Wilderstead yesterday. I spent five and half hours on the undercroft wall. I set the first block of the last course toward the end of the day (I still have 2/3 of the back wall to finish on the penultimate course). Deanne enjoyed being out in the woods, too. It was a beautiful day.

She finally got a picture of this cardinal. He nests near the cabin and likes to assault the windows. He bothers the truck even more. Apparently, this is a thing with cardinals: they see their reflection in glass and tirelessly try to drive off this other male from their territory. Not much brain and way too much testosterone; oh, to be young again.


Bird Brain

Here I am standing next to the wall for scale. That top block is the corner of the final course. I always set the block on that corner first, to level all the rest. You always build a house (including the measurements) from one corner. There's a sermon in there, somewhere.


Hanging around the corner, waiting for a streetcar

And, since I commented that she didn't catch my scaffolding last time, Deanne felt obliged to take a vertical picture of my working from it. My old mother always said I'd end up on a scaffold some day if I didn't watch out.


Rising in the world

I estimate three more days to finish the undercroft wall. Then it's on to measuring and placing my concrete forms above the undercroft, then drilling the postholes, and pouring my piers. My goal is to be done with the block by Hallowe'en, and the whole of the masonry to be finished by Thanksgiving ("ere the winter storms begin").


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