aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Spare me your bromides

It was the week before Hallowe'en. Kids were trick or treating. Some of the kids did some naughty things, like adorning trees with toilet paper and soaping windows. One set of parents griped about how other parents let their kids run around doing such things. But when their kids went out for trick or treat, they went much farther than the first kids. They slashed the neighbor's car tires and set a garage on fire. When the other parents upbraided the second group's parents for the damage they'd caused, the parents of the tire-slashing fire-setters said, "Well, they all do it."

The parents of the tire-slashing fire-setters are the apologists for the Democrats. They complain about Republicans' behavior and preach about "returning to civility." Then when their own commit outrages beyond what anybody thought imaginable, they say, "Well, both sides are guilty."

No, they're not. One side is clearly the aggressor in the culture war. One side clearly has no sense of boundaries, no line beyond which they will not advance, no depth below which they will not sink. This is not politics, this is evil. And I've had it with the false equivalence that always excuses the inexcusable.

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