aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

It has come to this

What we are seeing in the behavior of the Democrats and their allies right now re: the Kavanaugh nomination is, simply, evil. And it is of a piece with how they treat everyone who opposes their goals. Meanwhile, their own (actual) predators -- like Keith Ellison, to name only the most recent -- get a pass. This, too, is evil.

But don't you believe survivors of sexual assault or harassment? I'm willing to. But just as I would be outraged if my sister or daughter were to be imposed upon by some creep and her cries for justice ignored, so I would be outraged if my brother or son were falsely accused and railroaded by a kangaroo court. Both are evil.

Now, I have generally opposed the Democrats' policy objectives, because I considered them stupid and dangerous. At the same time, I have tried to respect the character and motives of individual Democrat office-holders. But no more. The whole has become inescapably corrupt, and must be opposed.

This doesn't mean that I consider the Republican party and all its candidates automatically to be wise and virtuous. They have their share of fools and creeps, and their policies are not always what I would like best. But the GOP is all that keeps us from slipping over into the abyss of witch-hunting, show trials, and undifferentiated state power the Democrats inhabit.

So, as regards my voting behavior, first, I will vote for no Democrat beyond the local level. No state or federal candidates from the Democratic Party will get my vote, for I will not be culpable in enabling the evil I see to spread further. Beyond that, I will consider the other candidates on their merits. If I can't bring myself to vote for a given Republican, I will either vote for an independent or third party candidate, or simply withhold my vote in that race.

Maybe someday the Democrats will change their behavior and allow me to consider them as individuals again. Maybe someday a Democrat will inspire me to vote for him or her. But not now, and not in any near-term future I can see. Evil must be opposed.

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