aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Habemus plaustrum

Well, we fell into what looks like a pretty good deal. With Jade's demise (our '99 Mazda B2500 light duty truck's brakes are completed shredded), I went looking last night for car lots that might have a truck to replace her. This morning, Deanne and I went shopping in earnest. And we bought this beast.

She's a '99 Chevy Silverado with extra seating, a V8 engine, and lots of trimmings. No rust. About half Jade's miles. She'll be more expensive to operate (and any time you buy a used vehicle, you wind up finding things needing to be fixed), but I've been needing a truck big enough to tow stuff out to the holler and back. And with this one, I can take both grandcubs places without crowding.

I shall call her Levi. That's short for Leviathan.


"New" truck

Eventually, I might need some sort of cap for the bed (perhaps a tarp would do) for those occasions when I'm transporting a load of groceries or camping gear to some event. But right now, with the demands Deanne is placing on the Buick, I'm just glad to have wheels under me again that I can brake when I need to.

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