aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Shouting makes it all better

The current furor over how children entering the country illegally (with or without adults) are handled is stoked by constant news reports, some of which are long on emotion and short on context. Facts don't make a dent in some people's anger. And many people are willing to believe anything bad about Donald Trump, so pointing out that children were handled the same or worse under Barack Obama doesn't phase them, either.

It reminds me of how Bill Clinton cured homelessness. Remember the last couple of years of Reagan's presidency and all four years of George H.W. Bush's? The news media ran story after story about homelessness. The administration was barraged with criticism. Then Bill Clinton was elected. By the day of his inauguration, stories about homelessness had completely disappeared, as if by magic. Did the problem go away? No. The media just forgot it. Homelessness was only a story when a Republican was in office.

Are you upset by children separated from their parents? By kids shuffled through a system and sometimes lost? It happens in every county in this country. When adults break the law, when caregivers become a danger to children, when couples weaponize custody in their disputes with each other. My wife is a therapist, a mandatory reporter. She has to call Child Protective Services all too often. Kids are put in Foster Care. They don't understand why they can't see Mommy or Daddy. Everybody's mad, everybody's hurt. There is a lack of good, safe spaces to care for children who can't live with their parents. And society at large doesn't care to know about it.

In the same way, children arrive at the border and cross illegally. Some arrive without their parents. Some arrive with people who are not their parents. Even with their parents, their parents have committed a crime. Yes, the first time you're caught it's a misdemeanor, but releasing you on your own recognizance into the country is not the answer. And the people charged with enforcing the law -- including those with the responsibility to take care of the children caught up in the system -- are good people, doing the best they can to provide for those temporarily in their custody.

But go ahead and yell, if it makes you feel better. Don't try to understand, just scream and shout. Because Trump, or something.

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