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Latest pix from the peaceable kingdom

I went out to Wilderstead yesterday at 6:00 a.m. Arrived 8:30. Mowed and sprayed Roundup on my road to keep it from going back to nature. Did a few other chores. Didn't get the trails cut, since the belt was slipping on my trimmer mower (it's now in the shop). Returned home by about 4:30 p.m. Beat the rain. It was beautiful in the holler, as usual; herewith, a couple of photos from yesterday.

backfill in motion

Backfill in motion

I've been leveling the excavation site and backfilling as I go. Even a half hour spent shoveling means the site looks more like a future home and less like a hole in the ground. Plus, it'll be easier to lay higher courses of block if the ground is evened out. This particular leveling is where the stairs and landing coming down from the kitchen door will be.



Found this pretty wildflower by my front gate. It reminded me of the poem/song from Lud-in-the-Mist, which I gather is actually traditional:
Within and without, in and out, round as a ball,
With hither and thither, as straight as a line,
With lily, germander, and sops-in-wine,
With sweet briar
And bon-fire
And strawberry wire
And columbine.

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