aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Back at it

I took advantage of the spring weather and drove over to Wilderstead yesterday for the first block-laying of the year. And a beautiful day it was. Laughery was well within its banks, too. Another sign of spring: orange barrels everywhere. I had to dodge around some road construction to get to the holler.

Once arrived, I set out to investigate. I cleaned up the building site a bit. Then it came time to mix the mortar. When I went down to the creek to fetch some water for that, I was taken with the beauty of the little falls above my bathing pool.

bathing pool

Bathing Pool
I never get tired of watching the water

I laid out the mesh ladders on the long front run. These go between the courses down in the mortar. And then I began. I'm not a threat to any professional mason's livelihood, but I made steady progress. I mixed three batches of mortar yesterday. I only had four block to go to finish that run, but by that time my muscles were turning to rubber, and I couldn't face mixing another batch of mortar. I decided to wrap it up for the day. I made a light supper and then did a few easy chores and packed up for home.

day's work

The day's work
Starting the fifth course

The first thing I did when I got home was to take some painkillers. The first thing I did this morning was to reach for some more. Dear God, I hurt. But it was the first day back at the job after a long winter off, so that can be expected. And it's a righteous hurt. I'm gettin' 'er done, however slowly.

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