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A dozen for her birthday

This is the eighth of our dozen pix in honor of Deanne's birthday. We're back to celebrating Deanne's role as a leader. In 2006, I was trying to fulfill an obligation to lead a Scouting mission trip to Africa for the National Association of UM Scouters. The original destination was Africa University; that fell apart for various reasons, including civil unrest in Zimbabwe. The backup destination was Tanzania, where I had already led a Scouting mission in 2001. More difficulties ensued. In the end, only a couple of youth from my own Crew wanted to go (from an open invitation to the whole UMC in the USA). And I had to second (female) leader.

Deanne said she would go. She had never been out of the country before, but she believed in what we were doing. She agreed with me that promises are made to be kept. And she knew Nikki and Amber personally, and didn't want to disappoint them. So, off we went. Nikki and Amber did a lot of medical stuff in the local clinic in Kigoma. Deanne and I did a lot of visiting with Lowell and Claudia Wertz, our missionary hosts. And we did a fair amount of other cool stuff.

The ladies all got some nice new threads. Here is Deanne standing outside Gungu UMC on a Sunday morning, dressed in local fashion.

Deanne at Gungu UMC

Deanne at Gungu UMC
Kigoma, Tanzania 2006

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