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A dozen for her birthday

Still posting a bouquet of pix from days past of Deanne. Here she is with our cat Lightning, who died suddenly in August, 2016, age 6 1/2. He was always insufficiently socialized. Deanne called him our Borderline Personality Disorder cat ("I hate you! Don't leave me!") I said he was a "social leopard," in Mammy Yokum's words. He was very needy and affectionate, until . . . He was known to suddenly strike at people without warning. Our grandson James was terrified of him.

Yeah, we take in the hard cases. We loved our little Lightning, bad manners and all. He was taken from his momma way, way too early. We got him and Hera (who was about a month older) from the local shelter.

I was on my way to Wilderstead for an overnight when Deanne called me on the road. She had just come home to find Lightning dead. She wanted me to turn around and come fetch him, then return to the holler and bury him. I explained that I was two hours down the road. So she put him in a pillowcase and drove out to meet me at the cabin. By the time she arrived, I already had his grave dug next to Sassafras.

Ave et vale.

Who, me?

Who, me?
Lightning, taking Hera's favored spot at Mommy's feet

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