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A dozen for her birthday

Yet another pic for Deanne's upcoming birthday: Here she is with our dog of many years, Sassafras.

Deanne has always been a dog person. She likes cats, but she feels somewhat incomplete without a dog. I have always been exclusively a cat person. We argued back and forth about it for years, and then one day, she brought home a puppy. A little golden puppy that lay on my chest. I fell in love, despite myself.

Sassy's grandmother was a Chow, and it showed with her ruff and her spotted tongue. But her other ancestries showed up in various ways. She had one brown eye and one golden eye. She had stubby little front legs like a Basset Hound, a back end and tail like a bird dog, and she wanted to pull like there was some sled dog in her. She would try to go on point, but couldn't quite figure out how to do it. She would try to follow a trail, but her nose wasn't reliable. Raised by cats, Anna has said she has seen Sassy lick her paw and clean behind her ears. She was such a mixed up thing. She was utterly herself. And she was the onliest doggie that I've ever loved.

Deanne still talks about getting a dog. I tell her, wait until we've moved out to the holler someday. Right now, we don't have the time or energy to deal with any more animals. So, some day, I expect we'll have another dog out at Wilderstead. In the meantime, Deanne deserves the credit for finding this special girl.

Deanne and Sassafras

Two lovely ladies
Deanne with Sassafras (2000-2012)

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