aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A dozen for her birthday

As I continue to share pix of Deanne for her birthday (March 1), I have several of her with our various pets. This one is of a very special occasion.

After Fuji died, our cat of almost 21 years, we were very sad. We decided not to get another cat for a while. I had gone out to Wilderstead with our dog Sassafras and come back one day. After Deanne got home, we decided to go back out there on a whim, the two of us. And while we were there, we heard meowing coming from underneath the cabin! Deanne crawled under the cabin, and there was a tiny, half-starved kitten, covered in ticks. He appeared to be either lost or abandoned, the progeny of one of the farm cats of the neighborhood.

We were only out there on a whim. The kitten meowed when he could have been still. We took him home and named him Cuthbert. We decided that God knew we needed a kitty and had arranged it just so. He and Sassy made quite a pair.


Cuthbert, 2005-2009

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