aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Oh, them Lions, they can eat my body

but they can't swallow my soul.

Another great pic and memory from the past. Our second Scouting mission trip to Tanzania in 2006 was the occasion for this closeup of a small pride of lions. That trip was the last hurrah for Crew 699; Amber was already 21 and Nikki had graduated from high school, and I had been reassigned to a different congregation. (As happens sometimes, everybody ages out at the same time.) Deanne went along -- her first overseas trip -- just to keep the promise to the Venturers. Ten days after our return, I left Tanner Valley UMC and started as the pastor at Ellettsville First UMC.

Yeah, we were that close to those lions. In the wild. No fences, just a Land Rover and an experienced Park guide.

Lions, Mikumi NP

Mikumi National Park, Tanzania

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