aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

The days pass by

I'm healing up well after surgery, but I wear out early these days. Still, I will be back at it, fully recovered, by mid-January. Which is a good thing, since I will be leading the kitchen team for another Winter Rendezvous -- cooking a feast for perhaps 550 people. We are short-handed this year, but I've planned a simpler menu and we are all veterans of many feasts. We'll get 'er done.

In between then and now, Deanne and I will be going up to Logansport to cater an Epiphany party for our friend, Beth Ann. That's a smaller affair -- about 30 participants. And we have 4 or 5 4-H kids who have been hired to schlep stuff around and clean up. That'll be the weekend of January 6-7. This event also gave me the excuse I needed to buy an electric roaster.

This week, I'm recovering from Christmas, which wore me out. Deanne works five days a week, leaving and returning in the dark. She is dedicated to her work. Maybe "obsessed" would be a better description. I recognize the signs. Well, she put up with my crazy schedule for all these years, so I don't complain. I try to cook dinner so she doesn't have to when she comes home.

Speaking of "all these years," Sunday the 31st (New Year's Eve) will be our 44th wedding anniversary. We have no special plans for the day. Probably go the church in the morning, then goof off the rest of the day.

I still need to go to Cincy this week. Gotta get a pig's head at Jungle Jim's so I can roast it up for the Friday night cracker barrel at the Winter Rendezvous. I am determined to lead the Scouts in singing the Boar's Head Carol. Years ago, I ordered a whole hog, split in half, with the head separate. I had big plans. But when the hog was delivered, it was in two halves. With no head. So no Boar's Head Carol. However, I had translated the Philmont Grace into Latin for the occasion, and we did that. But by golly, what's the use of being placed in charge of something if you can't have fun with it?

In other news, one of my Scouter friends and his wife have set a personal goal of 500 miles hiking in 2018. Hmm. That's only ten miles a week for 50 out of 52 weeks. Highly doable. I don't know that I can pull that off, with the need to return to block-laying once the weather warms up, but sure and begorrah! I've got to get back out on the trail again, on a regular basis. Ponder, ponder.

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