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All the news that's fit to print

One of the peculiarities of J.S. Bach's music is that the time it is written in has no bearing on the tempo. Many of his pieces written in 16th notes are intended to be played in a leisurely fashion, while many of his pieces written in half-notes are to be played blindingly fast. Anyway, the point is, you can play it whatever speed you want. In the same way, the Christian rock group Lost and Found says the way to hear a hymn anew is, "We play the slow songs fast and the fast songs slow."

Which brings me to how I'm doing, ten days after my surgery. I went to church yesterday and was doing fine, then crashed in the afternoon. I got up early today and was going just fine, but after a brief jaunt to window shop for toys at Menard's, I felt way tired, and returned home to piddle the rest of the day away. So, I'm doing fine, I really am. Everything is healing up just great. But I can't get much done, and don't feel the need to.

Make haste slowly, I always say.

-- 30 --

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