aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Getting ready for the holidays

Well, I've been a busy little codger today. Unlimbered my chainsaw and cut up some fallen branches for the firepit. I intend to spatchcock the turkey and roast it in my 20-quart Dutch oven over an open fire. That's not bravado. I just need the space in this dinky kitchen to do other things.

Raked more leaves. Not done yet. *Groan* Ran errands, folded laundry, and so on. And, I finished our holiday wreath.

Holiday Wreath

Holiday Wreath

I've mentioned before that we have absolutely zero room for a Christmas tree in this house. But we did have a pretty blank wall in the front stairwell that is kind of part of the living room. So, I settled on hanging a wreath for our Christmas decorating. I bought a plain one -- just greens and pine cones -- and then added a few small twinkly bits, including one ornament that looks like -- well, you be the judge.

Lurking in the greenery

Lurking in the greenery

And with that, we're pretty much ready to start the Mad Chef routine in the morning. Deanne will pick up Zach about 10:00 a.m. He can help me tend the fire. The bird needs to go on about 10:30. Dinner is about 1:00 or thereabouts, depending on when Anna and Brian show up with the grandcubs. Anna is bringing pies and rolls. I'm in charge of turkey, spuds, gravy, stuffing, and green beans. This is on top of the cheeses, crackers, and nuts we have on hand. We will gorge ourselves and play games and whatever else comes to mind. If anyone's still hungry in the evening, there's a frozen pizza in the top of the fridge.

Blessings to everyone. Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! Hug your young'uns extra tight.

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