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United Methodist Doctrinal Standards, Part VI

Session Six:  The Transition to America
1. Origins of Methodism in America
2. The crisis of the Revolution
3.The need for leadership

  1. Wesley consecrates Coke and authorizes him to consecrate Asbury

  •       The Christmas Conference

  •       “Bishops” rather than merely “General Superintendents”

  1. Wesley attempts to equip the new church

  •         The Sunday Service (based on Anglican Morning Prayer, itself one of the last remnants of the canonical hours observed in medieval monasteries)        SHOW COPY

  •         Wesley apparently thought the Methodist preaching service would gravitate toward a full “church” service; he couldn’t have foreseen the impact of the Second Great Awakening and the beginnings of revivalism

  •         The Articles of Religion!

4. The Articles of Religion:  the fourth of our Doctrinal Standards                  SHOW COPY

  1. An abridgement of the 39 Articles

  •         Thought necessary because the American church was no longer to be part of the C of E

  •         The “missing” articles referred to the authority of the C of E within England

  1. Defines God, the Sacraments, etc.

  •         Brings over from C of E language about certain historical controversies (e.g., Pelagianism), and also what distinguished Protestant from Catholic in those days

5. In 1808, the Growth of the ME Church required splitting the Conference into various Annual Conferences, with a representative General Conference meeting every four years

  1. The Restrictive Rules were adopted to prevent a well-connected minority from changing the core of Methodism

  2. Meanwhile, there are certain Articles that were not part of those originally placed under the Restrictive Rules.  Just how authoritative they are remains an open question.

6. Meanwhile, various German-speaking “Dutch Methodists” were also active in the new USA.

  1. Origins and antecedents of the EUB Church

  •         The United Brethren

  •         The Evangelical Church

  1. The EUB Confession of Faith served the same purpose as the Articles of Religion     SHOW COPY

  •         In 1968, it was accepted as equally authoritative with the Articles of Religion as a condition of merger to create The United Methodist Church, and placed under the Restrictive Rules


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