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United Methodist Doctrinal Standards, Part V

Session Five:  Wesley's Theology and other early Doctrinal Standards

1. Anglican, with a high view of the sacraments
2. Greatly influenced by German Pietism
3. Experiential (“experimental”)
4. Arminian

  1. Calvinism defined by its five points

    • TULIP

  2. On the other hand, “free will” = Pelagianism

    • The Anglican Church at the time was Semi-pelagian

    • Semi-pelagianism is where respectability takes the place of righteousness

  3. Jakob Arminius’ take on the TULIP

  4. Wesley begins The Arminian magazine as the first vehicle to convey Methodist theology

5. View of grace

  1. Prevenient grace

  2. Justifying grace

  3. Sanctification and Christian Perfection

6. Other distinctives

  1. Assurance

  2. The Efficacy of Baptism

  3. The Real Presence in Communion

    • “A converting ordinance” – the origin of “open communion”

    • Wesley’s own practice and recommendations

7. Wesley’s Standard Sermons, the Next of Our Doctrinal Standards   SHOW COPY

      a. Intended to explicate Wesley’s theology – published
      b.Given to Methodist preachers as both model and doctrinal approach
      c.The Model Deed made reference to Mr. Wesley’s teaching

8. Wesley’s Notes Upon the New Testament – another of our Doctrinal Standards        SHOW COPY

  1. Published to guide Methodist preachers in their interpretation of the Bible      

  2. Hard to get these days

9. While it is not listed as one of our Doctrinal Standards in the Book of Discipline, the Methodist Hymnal, with up to 6,000 hymns written by Charles Wesley, was certainly considered doctrinally formative in its day:  John referred to it as a “handbook of practical divinity”

  1. Methodist singing is proverbial

  2. The Wesleys wanted people to sing doctrine, not just feelings                   SHOW COPY, OLD HYMNAL

  3. Read Instructions on Singing                                                                                


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