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United Methodist Doctrinal Standards, Part III

Session Three:  The English Reformation, continued

6. The Wisest Fool in Christendom:  James VI and I

  1. James wanted to be an absolute monarch; he also had had his fill of Presbyterianism

    • “No bishop, no king”

  2. James considered himself an authority in religion

  3. The origin of the KJV and Puritan resistance to it

  4. Puritan interest in the New World

7. Charles I and the English Civil War

  1. The attempt to rule without Parliament

  2. French subsidy and the flirtation with Catholicism

  3. Charles begins the War

    • American Puritans fully engaged

  4. The Puritans only begin winning under the New Model Army

  5. The Radical Puritans take over; the Protectorate

8.. Restoration and Revolution

  1. Puritanism discredited

    • Many Puritans become “low church” Anglicans

    • Others turn into New England Congregationalists and English/American Baptists

  2. Charles II continues to flirt with Catholicism, but stays within bounds

  3. The challenge of the Duke of York’s Catholicism

  4. James VII and II offends everybody

  5. The Glorious Revolution

    • Ancestor of American Revolution

    • Catholic succession is outlawed

    • William III not really Anglican

  6. Queen Anne incarnates “Anglicanism”

    • Wesley will be thoroughly Anglican in doctrine and practice

9. Methodism has some roots in Nonconformity and the Puritan tradition

  1. Puritan-influenced devotional writing on holiness

    • William Law        SHOW COPY of Law's Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life

  2. An interest in church history

    • Wesley, while thoroughly supportive of the English Church’s authority, nevertheless was able to give himself permission to do some startling things, as when he ordained preachers and superintendents for America.  He got the idea that he was a “scriptural episcopos” from Puritan biblical interpretation

  3. Wesley’s parents had a disagreement over the right of William III to continue to reign after Mary II’s death; one thought that Anne should have succeeded her sister


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