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God bless your going out and your coming in, from this forth and forevermore.

Regular readers know that I have a fraught history with concrete. But I've learned my lesson, I promise. I had some concrete work to do today Downhill From Walmart, and all I had to wear on my hands were some cheap fabric gloves with various rents in them. So I wore vinyl kitchen gloves underneath them, just in case.

Anyway, the County highway department left a four-inch ledge of blacktop like a little curb all along this street the last time they re-surfaced it. Entering and leaving our driveway, that ledge either made one's vehicle shudder with the impact or waddle across it like driving in a creek. Eventually, one's tires or suspension or both were going to pay the cost of it.

So, I got some quick-set concrete and mixed it up this morning. I shaped a new fall off the blacktop to the rain gutter. There'll still be a deep dip as you cross the driveway entrance, but here's hoping that it won't be like jumping the curb.

And that concludes all the outdoor work for this rental house before winter. Bob the Builder I am not, but at least we should be snug and and our comings and goings should be smoother.

Setting up

Concrete setting up against the form



Better angle

Better angle

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