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For the record

I read an article by the eminent scholar, Victor Davis Hanson, who remarked, re: Hitler's chances of invading Britain, that no one had successfully invaded Britain since the Romans and the Normans. Well, just for the record, here are my thoughts on that.

Successful invasions of Britain resulting in the conquest of the country

AD 43 Aulus Plautius subdues Britannia for Rome

449 Traditional date of the landing of Hengist and Horsa and the beginning of the Anglo-Saxon conquest of Britain

865 Danish invasion establishes the Danelaw as an independent set of kingdoms; eventually re-conquered by the descendants of Alfred the Great

1016 Sweyn Forkbeard conquers England; his son Canute ascends the throne

1066 William of Normandy defeats Harald Godwinson at Hastings and is crowned King of England

1485 Henry Tudor lands at Milford Haven, gathers an army and kills Richard III at the Battle of Shrewsbury, becoming Henry VII

1688 William of Orange lands at Tor Bay with an army, proceeds to overthrow James VII and II, becoming William III

One could also note the return of royal exiles who overthrew the monarch in various civil wars and coups. These are not quite the landing of an army from over the sea, even if they were successful.

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