aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Cats is the weirdest peoples

Cuthbert is utterly fascinated by things that spin, whir, vibrate. Not to mention he is besotted with anything that he can drink from; he loves to get his paws wet. I keep finding him in the laundry room basin. He wants to watch toilets flush. stryck and anher gave him a kitty fountain for Christmas, which he loves, but he still slurps from Sassy's water bowl, his own bowl downstairs, the drippy spigot in the laundry room . . .

Here, I was transferring some laundry to the dryer and getting ready to do another load of wash, when he jumped up to inspect this interesting thing.

Hey, Mousebreath! Wanna go for a spin?

*evil snicker*

Peering into the Maelstrom
Peering into the Maelstrom


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