aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A non-story, if there ever was one

When I got back from my weekend trip, there was one -- ONE -- mention of this on my Facebook feed:

The FB post was of the "Another church shooting! When will the madness stop?" variety. But after that, nothing. Why aren't people talking about this? My guess is, because it doesn't fit The Narrative. You know, the story the outrage vendors like to push.

For one thing, the shooter was black, and the congregation was multi-racial. So, no white supremacy angle.

The shooter was an immigrant, too (though a legal resident of the US), so no opportunity to castigate anti-immigrant people for causing the tragedy.

The only death was of a woman shot down in the parking lot. Once inside, an usher tackled the shooter and got severely pistol-whipped, but stopped the shooter. In the struggle, the shooter shot himself. Then the usher -- a concealed carrier -- went out to his car, fetched his own weapon, and held the injured shooter at gunpoint until the police got there. So, lawful permit holder can't be bashed -- the lawful permit holder is the hero. Hand-wringing over defenseless people doesn't work, since resistance was heroic and successful.

While all this was going on, members of the congregation put pressure on each others' wounds and called 911 on their cell phones. The pastor reacted immediately to the sound of gunshots, warning the congregation before himself being shot. Everyone seems to have acted with good sense and courage. No hysterical people to interview. The usher refused the label of hero the first media on the scene tried to put on him, instead praising the response of the congregation. No hero to make a pet of.

Oh, and the usher immediately asked for prayers for everyone -- not only the victims and their families, but the shooter and his family. The outrage machine doesn't know what to make of that, either.

I'll bet that soon, this story will go down the memory hole and be replaced by something that can be made to fit The Narrative better.

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