aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Project du jour

I worked a little on my cabin door today. I planed down one edge. I also added some metal braces to the corners to strengthen the frame. Gotta take it back out to the holler and fit it into the doorway again to see if it's ready to paint. Also got to see if I've got an old can of "chive" color paint -- apparently Olympic has changed the names of their greens. Ugh.

I also tackled this little project. We are very short on closet space around here, so I wanted a coat rack. The only place one would fit was behind the door on our front landing. And its foot couldn't be more than about 9 inches long, or it would interfere with getting past the door to the stairs down to the basement when the door was open. So, I'd have to custom-make a coat rack just to fit, and hope it would be stable enough not to tip over with the weight of coats and hats.

Coat rack

Racking my brain on this one
New coat rack on the front landing

Ta-da! I banged this together today out of finished red oak. A few saw cuts, a few holes drilled, and some bolts and nails and screws, and there you have it. (Heavy, too.) I tried it with four heavy coats, and it remained free-standing and stable, so thank you, Lord. Good enough. After it was done, I oiled it up with boiled linseed oil for a natural finish, and there you have it.

Deanne will be home in a few minutes. We'll see how long it takes her to notice it there in the corner.

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