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Old Venturing pix

Cross-posted from venturing:

I've been expanding my gallery of Venture Crew 699 destinations. I may have to make these into a people page or something -- less destinations than human interest. In any case, these are in the gallery named, Been There, Done That. Other outdoorsy and Venturing pix are to be found in my LJ Scrapbook, which you can find here:

Check 'em out!

Campfire with Venturers Campfire with Venturers

Jodi and Nikki warm up to the glow.
Adult supervision Adult supervision

Hoosier Trails Council Venturing event at Maumee Scout Reservation.
Big blue hammock Big blue hammock

Nikki livin' large.
Laundry day in NYC Laundry day in NYC

Even high adventure has its slow days.
Among the Yoopers Among the Yoopers

And she wears tassels on 'em to keep her knees warm, I'll bet.


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