aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Rougher! Tougher! Buffer!

It's been twenty years since my first high adventure trip as an Advisor, and I just completed my twentieth high adventure or Scouting mission trip as an Advisor. I feel greatly blessed and wish I could do them all over again!

Twenty years, twenty high adventure trips/scouting mission projects

Explorer Post 697, Aurora First UMC
Philmont Scout Ranch, 1997
Philmont Scout Ranch, 1998

Venturing Crew 699, Tanner Valley UMC
Isle Royale National Park, 1999
Philmont Scout Ranch, 2000

South Indiana Conference, UMC
Trip of the Millennium to Tanzania 2001

Venturing Crew 699
Isle Royale National Park/Niagara Falls, 2002
Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, 2003
Yellowstone National Park, 2003
Adirondacks/NYC/Gettysburg, 2004

Venturing Crew 699/South Indiana Conference, UMC/SI-NAUMS
Three Peaks Adventure to Scotland, England, and Wales 2005

Venturing Crew 699/NAUMS
Mission Adventure to Tanzania 2006

Troop 119, Ellettsville First UMC
Cumberland Gap National Historical Park 2007

Venturing Crew 119, Ellettsville First UMC/NAUMS
Philmont Scout Ranch, 2010

Venturing Crew 119
Isle Royale National Park, 2011

Venturing Crew 119/NAUMS
Philmont Scout Ranch, 2012

Venturing Crew 119
U.K., 2013
Florida Sea Base, 2014

Indiana Annual Conference, UMC
Tenke Jamboree, Dem. Rep. Congo, 2014

Venturing Crew 119
Niagara Falls/Adirondacks/NYC, 2015
Kandersteg, Switzerland, 2017

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