aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Let there be light

The windows are up. I am so proud of the youth and adults who made this happen.

Twenty-one youth and nine adults took part. Some cut and ground glass, fitted and soldered. Others gave critical design advice or the use of their special skills or loaned tools and donated materials.

First of all, thanks to Tammie Lawrence for her gift that made this possible.
Congratulations to Harrison, Logan, and Mason, my 2014 confirmation class, who designed this.
And "well done" to everybody who took part.

The complete roster of crafters and helpers:
Dylan Clark;
Harrison Cottingham;
Lea Hewitt;
Sergei Holtman;
Stepan Holtman;
Emma Latimer;
Nicholas Latimer;
Tyler Marotz;
Annie Mischler;
Mason Moore;
Zach Nichols;
Evan Oldham;
Jack Oldham;
Alex Pittsford;
Harrison Pittsford;
Abby Pyle;
Ian Slabaugh;
Logan Slabaugh;
Neely Slabaugh;
Anthony Sparks;
Isla Weber.
Dick Carl;
Judy Carl;
Keith Clark;
Art Collins;
Steve Cottingham;
Andy Fluke;
Tim Paul;
Jerry Pittsford;
Tiffany Willingham.


Dedication Day
Photo by Cheryl Pittsford

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